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        GQ105 tubular centrifuge

        GQ105 tubular centrifuge【Specification】ModelGQ series tubular centrifugeWater supply capacity(t h)Motor power(kw)Ove

        GQ105 tubular centrifuge
        Model GQ series tubular centrifuge Water supply capacity(t/h) Motor power(kw) Overall weight(kg) External dimensions(mm)
        Diameter(mm) Bowl Volume(L) Speed(r/min)
        GQ150 142 10 10000-14000 1.5 3 700 600*500*1670
        GQ125 125 8 9000-15000 1.3 3 600 600*500*1670
        GQ105 105 6 8000-16300 1.2 2.2 450 600*500*1670
        GQX105 105 6 8000-16300 1.2 2.2 450 600*500*1670
        GQ75 75 2.2 10000-20000 0.6 1.5 300 500*450*1200
        Strong separation capability, high material liquid clarity, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and small occupied area.
        G105 and G150 general fuselage series are newly developed products by our factory.
        The outstanding feature of this series of products is that G105 and G150 are of universal type, making it possible to replace the separation drum and liquid collecting components on one body according to production requirements, and to realize different separation purposes and output without purchasing a complete machine separately.
        Used to separate various suspensions that are difficult to separate.  It is especially suitable for solid-liquid separation with small concentration, large viscosity, fine solid phase particles and small solid-liquid weight difference.
        For example, clarification of various liquid medicines, dextrose, chlorhexidine, malic acid, various oral liquids and radix sophorae tonkinensis;  Coal tar, graphite slag removal, extraction of various proteins, algae, pectin;  Refining molasses;  Blood separation, settlement of vaccine hyphae and various glucose, purification of paint, dye, various resins and rubber solution.
        The separator consists of a machine body, a transmission system, a rotating drum, a liquid collecting system and a liquid inlet system.
        The upper part of the rotating drum is linked with the flexible main shaft, and the bottom part is a damping sliding bearing.
        When the equipment works, the rotating drum rotates at high speed around its own axis, forming a strong centrifugal force field.  The material is injected from the liquid inlet nozzle of the bottom liquid inlet system, and the centrifugal force in the rotating drum forces the material liquid to flow upward along the inner wall of the rotating drum and delaminate due to the density difference of different composition of the material liquid.

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