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        TCM clarifying centrifuge

        Traditional Chinese medicine clarifying centrifuge【Specification】ModelTraditional Chinese medicine clarifying centrifuge


        Traditional Chinese medicine clarifying centrifuge
        Model Traditional Chinese medicine clarifying centrifuge Separation factor(w2r/g) Motor power(kw) Overall weight(kg) External dimensions(mm)
        Diameter(mm) Bowl Volume(L) Speed(r/min)
        GQ150 142 10 10000-14000 1.5 3 700 600*500*1670
        GQ125 125 8 9000-15000 1.3 3 600 600*500*1670
        GQ105 105 6 8000-16300 1.2 2.2 450 600*500*1670
        GQX105 105 6 8000-16300 1.2 2.2 450 600*500*1670
        GF105 105 6 8000-16300 1.2 2.2 450 600*500*1670
        GQ75 75 2.2 10000-20000 0.6 1.5 300 500*450*1200
        GF75 75 2 10000-20000 0.6 1.5 300 500*450*1200
        Clarifying tubular separator for traditional Chinese medicine is one of the series of tubular separators.
        It is specially designed for traditional Chinese medicine products industry and plant extraction industry.
        The machine does not lose the effective components in the medicine, shortens the settling time, improves the clarity of the product and increases the yield.
        This machine is divided into two types, clean and common, suitable for different users.  The product can fully meet the requirements of GMP certification.  According to the actual output and requirements of users, there are 32 models for users to choose from.
        The separator consists of a machine body, a transmission system, a rotating drum, a liquid collecting system and a liquid inlet system.
        The upper part of the rotating drum is linked with the flexible main shaft, and the bottom part is a damping sliding bearing.
        When the equipment works, the rotating drum rotates at high speed around its own axis, forming a strong centrifugal force field.  The material is injected from the liquid inlet nozzle of the bottom liquid inlet system, and the centrifugal force in the rotating drum forces the material liquid to flow upward along the inner wall of the rotating drum and delaminate due to the density difference of different composition of the material liquid.

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