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        Plate sedimentation centrifuge

        Plate sedimentation centrifuge【Specification】ModelPlate sedimentation centrifugeSeparation factor(w2r g)Motor power(kw


        Plate sedimentation centrifuge
        Model Plate sedimentation centrifuge Separation factor(w2r/g) Motor power(kw) Overall weight(kg) External dimensions(mm)
        Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Bowl Volume(L) Loading limit(kg) Speed(r/min)
        PC600 600 400 45 2200 2200 1600 3 700 1490*1150*830
        PC800 800 400 100 4000 1600 1140 5.5 860 1490*1150*830
        PC1000 1000 420 140 5500 1200 1100 7.5 1600 2000*1600*1100
        This machine has three working modes for users to choose according to different materials, namely continuous separation, short separation and primary separation. Clarified liquid can be discharged through skimming pipe or liquid baffle.
        High separation factor and large production capacity.
        The manual brake device can shorten the working period.
        Slip motor (or centrifugal block throwing clutch) is used to slowly start the drum to avoid impact overload.
        This machine is a skimming centrifuge. It is suitable for clarifying medium and fine particle suspensions. It is widely used in medicine, chemical industry and food industry. It can be used as the preparatory treatment equipment for the previous process of tubular separator.
        In addition to the widely used clean type, carbon steel type, tetrafluoroethylene type, plastic type, PE type, titanium plate centrifuge can be customized according to the needs of enterprises.
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