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        Full-automatic scraper plate lower discharge large flip cover centrifuge

        Full-automatic scraper plate lower discharge large flip cover centrifuge【Specification】ModelFull-automatic scraper pla

        Full-automatic scraper plate lower discharge large flip cover centrifuge
        Model Full-automatic scraper plate lower discharge large flip cover centrifuge Separation factor(w2r/g) Motor power(kw) Overall weight(kg) External dimensions(mm)
        Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Bowl Volume(L) Loading limit(kg) Speed(r/min)
        LGZ800 800 420 120 160 1300 820 7.5 2400 1700*1250*1650(2050)
        LGZ1000 1000 460 180 200 1200 810 11 3500 2000*1500*1880(2400)
        LGZ1250 1250 680 420 480 1050 720 22 4500 2350*1800*2335(2900)
        LGZ1600 1600 1000 1000 1100 1050 740 37 10000 3000*2200*3000(3900)
        This machine is a filtering centrifuge with intermittent operation and program control. It is controlled by an advanced PLC programmable controller. It adopts a combination of variable frequency speed governor, brake and brake units and hydraulic or pneumatic components. The single machine or main control center computer is networked.
        The hydraulic and electrical control systems can automatically complete the processes of feeding, separation, washing, dehydration, discharging and the like, can realize long-distance operation, and can be widely applied to the suspension separation containing solid phase particles with particle sizes of 0.05-0.15mm ..
        No clutch, no brake pad, especially suitable for separation of materials with strong thermal sensitivity, no grain breakage and unfavorable access for operators.  It is fully applicable to industrial sites that are inflammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive.
        Widely used for filtration of suspension with granular solid phase.
        Such as gypsum, copper sulfate, potassium chloride, borax, fuel, animal and plant extracts, pesticide agents, salt, monosodium glutamate, food additives, starch, sugar, chemical seasonings, antibiotics, vitamins, minerals such as copper, zinc, aluminum, metal refining, sludge treatment, sewage treatment, etc.
        In addition to general use, flat plate is especially suitable for solid-liquid separation of medium with high viscosity, toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive, etc.
        Used for solid-liquid separation of raw materials, intermediates and finished products in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, national defense and other industrial fields.
        The flat-plate bottom discharge centrifuge uses a rotating drum as the main component, and modularizes the functional components such as scraper drive, mechanical transmission, casing, etc., so that it can realize multi-function and arbitrary combination.  Scraper is driven by hydraulic, pneumatic and manual methods.  Frequency conversion starts and electric brake stops.
        The motor drives the rotating drum to rotate around the axis of the main shaft through belt transmission to form a centrifugal force field.  The separated suspension enters the rotating drum from the top charging pipe and falls on the distributing tray. Under the action of centrifugal force, it is thrown to the wall of the rotating drum. The liquid phase is thrown to the casing space through the filter screen and filter holes on the wall of the rotating drum, collected in the chassis and discharged through the drain pipe, while the solid phase remains inside the filter cloth.
        If washing is required, washing water is added into the washing pipe for washing.  After dehydration is completed, the rotating drum rotates at a low speed, the scraper scrapes off the solid phase and discharges it through the discharge port at the bottom of the rotating drum.
        In addition to the widely used clean type, carbon steel type, lining plastic type, PE type, titanium plate centrifuge can be customized according to the needs of enterprises.

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