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        about us

        about us
              Liaoning Liaoyang Shengbo Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of centrifuges.  There are four types of products produced: tubular, disc, horizontal and flat.  GB/T 13755-92 "Uniform Conditions for Three-legged Centrifuges", GB/T 13756-92 "Technical Conditions and Basic Parameters for Three-legged Centrifuges", JB/T 4335-91 "Technical Conditions for Spiral Discharging Sedimentation Centrifuges" and JB/T 8652-97 "Technical Conditions for Spiral Discharging Filter Centrifuges" and other standards are strictly implemented and manufactured.  These products have been sold all over the country.  Some products have been sold to the United States, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Africa.
              Technical level is the core of enterprise development.  I plant has a strong technical development force, the core technology has been authorized by the national patent.  On the basis of fully introducing and absorbing advanced production technologies at home and abroad, our company has successfully developed centrifuge products with 100% dispatch balance and 100% complete machine debugging, which can be operated without a fixed foundation and are widely used in chemical industry, food, pharmacy, environmental protection and other fields.  With first-class product quality and exquisite technical service, it has won the unanimous praise of domestic and foreign users.
              Capacity is the guarantee of enterprise development.  Our company has senior workshop managers, professional production workers, rich practical experience, high working efficiency, guaranteed production capacity and stable production level.  Through strict refinement and humanized management, the company has excellent product quality and excellent staff quality, thus establishing a stable enterprise structure.
              Marketing is the driving force of enterprise development.  Our company's marketing team has been operating in various domestic exhibitions all the year round to understand the needs of customers, demonstrate the strength of enterprises and accumulate customer resources.  In a few short years, we quickly understood and analyzed the market and accurately positioned the company's marketing direction in the entire market and industry.  We have a complete marketing plan.  At present, our products have been sold to 36 provinces and cities across the country.
              The development of an enterprise always depends on the trust and support of its customers.  We will, as always, strive for survival with quality, development with credibility, and return loyal customers with the best quality products.  We will achieve leapfrog development in the next few years.  We look forward to your sincere cooperation!
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